Miami Visitor’s Map and Guide™ and the Ft. Lauderdale/Palm Beach Visitor’s Map and Guide™ are map products for the South Florida visitor. We partner our easy-to-read maps with advertisers so 2.2 million copies annually can be distributed into South Florida market.

Now in our 37th Miami edition, Visimap continues to publish and distribute more than any other South Florida visitor publication. Our CPM beats every South Florida visitor publication hands down. Discover our over 12-year advertiser sponsors already know: A smart ad budget that targets the South Florida visitor includes  Visimap.  Our 18-year track record is one of partnership, quantity and consistency.

Here’s how:

  • A well-known and consistantly-used brand among hoteliers and car rentals
  • Large press runs twice a year ensure inventory
  • Consistent visibility with weekly distribution of 44,300 for both markets

Visimap Publishing is the oldest, local publisher of South Florida visitor maps. Our advertisers are companies that know the value of the tourism market and know we reach it every week. Our 4-color maps place your company at the hotel, concierge, valet, car rental, visitor centers and malls at the lowest cost per copy.  

Visimap produces maps that are Dade County-approved for distribution at Miami International Airport and independent car rentals. Each product folds down to a 4 x 9 handy pocket size and contains display advertising partnered with 3 county maps, detail maps and area information.