Donations are kindly accepted and will assist with our efforts in getting the Miami Coloring Book into local schools, churches and community organizations. Your donation can help get coloring books into the school, church or group of your choice – simply add the name of the organization to the donation form and we will make sure that they receive the the website with this information.

We are committed to using the Miami Coloring Book as an educational tool. Children can learn about the rich history of Miami and be engaged in a meaningful subject matter.

There are physical, perpetual, emotional, and cognitive benefits to a child’s use of a coloring book. The activities in the Miami Coloring Book are designed to encourage creativity in children. We also ask parents to be engaged and support their children’s progress throughout the pages of the Miami Coloring Book. It’s important to allow children to make their own color choices and remind them that they do not have to color within the lines!

Talk to your child about the Miami Attractions listed in the coloring book. Share the history of the attraction or your experience at the attraction. These are REAL places that many people have connected to in one way or another over the years!